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Next-Generation Cyber Security
for ICS Systems

Endpoint Threat Detection, Defeat, and Reporting

in Real-Time


Protection without compromise

SEAS™ is a patented cyber suite of technologies that will detect, defeat and report nefarious network traffic from a determined and sophisticated attacker against a system of systems in real-time. 

Packet by packet fidelity offers real-time authentication and verification of every single message. 

Our technologies are transparent to the devices and systems they are protecting.

The SEAS Managment Console (SMC) provides real-time monitoring and reporting of threats against protected assets.

 In a real-time world maintaining network speed is critical. 

SEAS Graphic.png

SEAS offers a novel, disruptive approach providing ultimate security for data in transit within zero trust environments (where the system has been fully compromised). Though the concept of a zero-trust network is not in itself novel, the capability to deploy a system to economically and efficiently protect it is. The SEAS hardware solution is network agnostic and operates transparently in the background while integrating seamlessly across all operating systems, software programs and architectures. 

Virtual Demonstration

This video outlines the basic functionality of the SEAS cyber suite of technologies. It depicts one of our initial prototype modules. While the form factor has evolved,

the functionality remains the same.  

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