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Our Vision

SEAS is more than a cyber technology, it’s a whole new way to look at secured connections. Our goal is to disrupt the traditional methods of protecting ICS enterprises with our elegantly agile solution, that provides security and functionality at a cost effective price point.

The Technology Evolution

As a challenge to our think tank of professional inventors, the SEAS Solution was originally conceived as a way to defeat side-channel attacks.  As worldly threats have evolved, the latest emergence of CPU side-channel-attacks such as Meltdown and Spectre are making SEAS technology more urgent than ever before on the battlefront, your ICS systems!  When creating SEAS we realized it wouldn't be successful if it could not be deployed easily and effectively across your environments – we built keep-it-simple protocols for minimal adaptation whatever the challenge. 

In late 2019, we demonstrated SEAS on an Air Force contract across both data-in-transit and data-at-rest protection; the contract was developed to demonstrate technologies that could prevent attacks against both academia and the defense industry!  And in early 2021, we demonstrated this technology for the US Navy afloat, validating the ability to protect critical mobile assets from the most extreme threats.  From these events, we learned the true potential of our authentication and validation architecture. 


SEAS offers secure, protected packet-by-packet fidelity when it comes to authentication and verification. This fidelity is a game-changer and offers whole new degrees of freedom when it comes to deploying your ICS cyber security solution.  So as the threat actors and their tools in the world evolve, SEAS is ready to protect your systems through disruptive and novel real-time detection, threat defeat, and reporting.

SEAS, LLC is a Joint Venture formed in North Eastern Indiana, between Wattre Corporation and Stryke Industries, LLC. Both companies have a long history within their respective strengths and have long working relationship, particularly in the maturation of the SEAS Technology.


Wattre Corporation is a corporation that develops and licenses its Intellectual Property (IP). Wattre Inc. is an Indiana based company formed in 2002 and is driven with solving persistent challenges with novel technology innovations across the globe, bringing a team of masterminds of technology together.


Stryke Industries, LLC, is laser focused on disruptive technology, the new and novel, within all our core technology sets. It is this mindset that dictates our approach to research, development, and commercialization. We seek to identify, validate, and deploy our technologies to the areas that need them most. Our goal is not just to deploy novel solutions, but moreover to guide technology down the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) path with an eye for commercialization.


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